Snackwyze Platform features

A code free platform to create, manage, share and track interactive clickthrough demos in the cloud.

01. One-click screen recording

Capture every screen of your software in a click. Present your product’s features and screens with no effort.

Chrome extension

Instantly record your browser with the FREE chrome extension.

Automatic clickthrough demo creation

Snackwyze automatically converts  browser recordings into interactive, step-by-step clickthrough demos.

Let them hear you

Add voiceover with your microphone.

And see you too!

Record your screen with or without your webcam.

02. Consistent Branding

Your walkthrough demos are on brand every single time

Upload logo

Upload your own logo.

Add theme colors

Customize the look and feel with your own brand color.

Custom URL

Choose a custom URL for your landing page to publish clickthrough demos - 

03. Simple editing

Personalize every aspect of your clickthrough demo: texts, images, descriptions and hover-spots  and make sure your demos are "just perfect" for every single prospect.

Clickable Hotspots

Editable hotspots allow users to click through the walkthrough demo.


Hover-spots draws attention to specific areas on the screen.


Add annotations to your interactive demos and ensure your prospects go through the full flow without hassle.


Add an intro to your demo to make it more personalized and contextual.



Easily add Call To Action to your demo and accept email addresses if desired.

Upload screenshots

Upload and add additional screenshots to any demo and reorder steps as desired.

04. Powerful Publishing 


Landing page

Publish clickthrough demos to your own landing with just one click :

Flexible formats

Publish as a clickthrough, video walkthrough or the entire video

Embed anywhere

Embed inside your websites, emails, blogs, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and more.

05. Flexible export options

Export for offline

No internet, no problem. Export your demos for offline use with just one click.

MP4 recording

Snackwyze automatically converts  browser recordings into interactive, step-by-step walkthrough demo.

Download as PDF

Download the entire clickthrough demo as a step-by-step PDF document.

Download images

Download individual images with just one click.

06. Easy link sharing

Private links

Share walkthroughs with specific customers privately.

Public links

Share walkthroughs freely with public links.

Password protection

Add an extra layer of security with password protected links.

Link expiration

Simplify link management by setting expiry dates on privately shared links.

07. Powerful insights


Unique and total views provide insights into demo performance.

Completion rates

Gauge user interest and attention span with demo completion rates.