The content strategy for Product Led Growth

Educate and inspire your prospects quickly with interactive guided experiences you can create, share and track in seconds.

"We love Snackwyze. It fills in the gap in TekStack's content marketing strategy. Videos are fine, but they do not promote interaction, comes across as "too produced", expensive and cringy. Snackwyze clickthroughs are interactive, a perfect combination of visual elements and encourages the audience to engage. The clickthroughs are extremely easy to create, manage, distribute and measure. We embed them our websites, blogs and or share them as links."

Marc DiGiorgio Snackwyze customer

Marc DiGiorgio

Founder, TekStack

Convert casual website visitors into believers instantly

CTA's that require scheduling adds friction. Snackwyze interactive , personalized clickthrough demos offer frictionless product experiences to your prospects and educate and inspire them instantly.

2X more leads

With built in capture forms and CTAs.

2X engagement

Prospects choose their own experiences.

Snackwyze interactive clickthrough demos

Nurture MQLs until they are sales ready

Over 50% of prospects are just not ready to buy TODAY.  Sprinkle bite sized demos and walkthroughs in your nurture campaigns to keep your leads well informed and excited about your offering.

Snackwyze interactive clickthrough demos

Make content your competitive advantage

Say NO to boring PDFs and text heavy articles. Most content on your website "tells" what your products and solutions do. With Snackwyze interactive walkthroughs, you can show AND tell at the same time.

Snackwyze interactive clickthrough demos

Make your images POP!

Literally! Click on this image to see what we mean! 

Increase new feature launch awareness, stress-free!

Product launches are stressful. Working with external design agencies to create launch demos is just not a scalable solution and adds to the stress. Put end to this stress once and for all.

Snackwyze interactive clickthrough demos

Engineering free demo automation

What if YOU never had to depend on engineering ever again for creating marketing demos?  The Snackwyze no-code platform is the easiest way to create, manage and track engaging marketing demos at scale without any engineering help.

Snackwyze interactive clickthrough demos