Dreading yet another demo meeting?

Presenting demos to prospects who are merely exploring your solution is not the best use of a Sales Engineer's time. Personalized, interactive and self-service clickthrough demos are an excellent choice to educate your prospects and get them excited about your solution.

Help your SDR and AE teams help YOU

A third of in-person demo requests are unqualified.  The Snackwyze demo platform helps Sales Engineers create a repository of most common use case demos they can share with the front end sales teams. This helps the Sales reps and Account Executives engage and qualify prospects better and reduce unqualified demo meeting rates.

Snackwyze interactive clickthrough demos

Empower your sales champion

Bite size customized interactive demo walkthroughs are a great leave behind that enable your sales champions to get buy-ins from other key stakeholders and accelerate your deal cycle.

Snackwyze interactive clickthrough demos

Accelerate your deal cycle post demo

Personalized "leave behinds" re-affirms the good work you put in your in-person demos. Snackwyze is the fastest and the most effective way to tell a story that resonates with your customers.

Snackwyze interactive clickthrough demos

Until now, we focused on creating product videos with video recordings, adding voiceovers and animation - all of which needed usage of multiple tools, special skills and above all, countless hours. With Snackwyze we really found a cool way of demonstrating products with interactive tours, which are very easy to create and annotate and help us be more productive. Also, you don't have to be an AV expert, pretty much anybody can do it. We are using these as self-serve demo tours and our sales teams are loving it . Very soon, we plan to use these interactive tours for marketing and training use cases as well."

Tejo Prayaga Snackwyze customer

Tejo Prayaga

Sr. Director of Product Management & Marketing, CloudFabrix