Create step-by-step guides in seconds

Say goodbye to manual documentation process. Snackwyze captures screenshots, automatically annotates steps and provides flexible publishing options - just with a click of a button! It's really that simple ( and powerful !)

"Snackwyze has given our training courses a structured medium for people to walk through a complex process in our software, without needing immediate access to our application. Snackwyze clickthroughs resist passive learning; users aren’t just reading text on a page or watching a video. Instead, they are actively controlling the pace at which they’re consuming and interacting with the content on their screen. These clickthroughs provide a way to foster self-paced, structured experiential learning, which is exactly what our courses needed."

Marc DiGiorgio Snackwyze customer

Katie Wrablel

Manger of Instructional Design, Immuta

The Snackwyze advantage

For your users

+ Interactive learning
+ Easy to follow
+ Better learning outcomes

For you

+ Save time
+ Increase productivity
+ Track engagement
+  Works with existing methods

Step-by-step format with screenshots is easy to understand

Step by step guides break down complex process into easy to follow format that is easily understood and aids in longer retention. 

Snackwyze interactive clickthrough demos

Faster and easier to create help guides and process docs than manual methods

Snackwyze records your screen as you document the process and  automatically converts them in to step-by-step guides in seconds!

Snackwyze interactive clickthrough demos

More interactive than a video!

Creating videos take for ever and are not interactive. Snackwyze interactive how-to guides on the other hand are much more engaging and at least 10X faster to create.

Snackwyze interactive clickthrough demos