Reduce customer effort with your existing help pages

Embed interactive, step-by-step guides within existing help pages and knowledge bases
to provide contextual help to your customers.

"Snackwyze has given our training courses a structured medium for people to walk through a complex process in our software, without needing immediate access to our application. Snackwyze clickthroughs resist passive learning; users aren’t just reading text on a page or watching a video. Instead, they are actively controlling the pace at which they’re consuming and interacting with the content on their screen. These clickthroughs provide a way to foster self-paced, structured experiential learning, which is exactly what our courses needed."

Katie Wrabel Snackwyze customer

Katie Wrabel

Manger of Instructional Design, Immuta

3 reasons to add Snackwyze to your existing support solution

Improved learning outcomes

Easy to follow step-by-step interactive clickthrough guides improves learning outcomes twice as fast.


Snackwyze clickthroughs embed directly into the customer support websites, help pages, and knowledge base tools you already use.

Progressively better content

Engagement analytics helps measure content effectiveness and improve content quality over time.

Reduce unnecessary support tickets

Unnecessary support tickets are costly and often arise due to ambiguity in support websites. Adding interactive step-by-step guides to your knowledge bases is a great way to provide relevant contextual help and reduce unnecessary support tickets.

Snackwyze interactive clickthrough demos

Enable self-service support

Customers prefer self-service support over tickets and support calls. With interactive self-service step-by-step guides, customers get immediate answers that help reduce the effort to look for help.

Snackwyze interactive clickthrough demos

Educate and inspire, then up-sell

Static content is long, boring, and generic. Interactive guides match individuals' learning expectations and are the fastest, most effective and fun way to share knowledge. Educating customers result in more up-sell and cross-sell opportunities in future.

Snackwyze interactive clickthrough demos